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nikkiburr - Yawn by nikkiburr nikkiburr - Yawn by nikkiburr
African Hunting Dog, 5 x 7 scratchboard, lots and lots of little lines. And time, lots of time. Sleep anyone?
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Sparky04 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Wow, amazing! Jawdrop 
xLady-Rebelx Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2010
Absolutley beautiful! Great detail!
Leunbrund Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010   Digital Artist
WHOA. This by hand? That's incredible!
PandaKong Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010
Amazing, you've definitely got skillz.
GrendelDemon Featured By Owner May 22, 2008
lol, I feel your pain :doh:
Very nice work, i like the high amount of stipulation you used :nod:
You have an interesting stile, I like to check out others in the scratchboard community to see how they are handling the medium and I must say that you are very good :aww:
Excellent use of light and shadow and your nicely flowing contours give the picture a crisp three dimensional look ^_^
If you have time, pleas stop by at my glory and check out some of my scratch art if, you would like =D
some good examples of my work include this one [link]
and my most favored deviation, the "Winter Pine Dragon" [link]
Comacold Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
And I thought it was a photo in black and white before I read the description ;P
The-Long-Shot Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
i love this....its absolutely incredible
Addellerrs Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2007   Traditional Artist
I love this (This is Nina from the taxidermy forums by the way, I'm going to add you to my friends on here)
ellastasia Featured By Owner May 26, 2007   Digital Artist
your gallery is jawdropping...!!! amazing work!!
Beer-Bottle-Photo Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Professional Photographer
really amazing its a beautiful picture reminds me of my dog megan when she was a pup
SilverDragonwolf Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2007
completely awesome, you make me jealous lol I do some scratchboard work as well, but I've never been able to achieve that much detail. Awesome!!!
Silvershark Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006
Sucgh beautiful detail! I love the realism you have in your work! :D
shadowfax88 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2005   Traditional Artist
it looks like a b/w photo with a black bg,
great job!! :thumbsup:

a.k.a. ~shadowfax88 and ~Kgambler :)
doggj Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2005
Great expression! :)
robot-god Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2004
Sorted. Respect due.
electric-kangaroo Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2004
Oooooooooooooo!! I love scratchboard! Such high levels of concentration!!
I know what you mean about time though! It once took me 5hrs just to do one eye!
Beautiful job, and no finger prints! No fingerprints its self is an accomplishment!!
LOVE the teeth!
ChayaA Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2004
Dang, you're good at textures!!!!!!
epev Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2004   Traditional Artist
Great work, nothing to critique.
This must be my fav. of your works. I just love those african wild dogs.
Losmios Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2004
Wow, this is so beutiful! All that work payed off! :clap:
Teloka Featured By Owner May 17, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
oh gawd. That is incredible! O__O Being an African Wild Dog [fursona] myself, I should know one of these canidae inside out, and this in spendious. The fur and facial detail is fantastic. When I first saw this image I thought it was a photo you had taken and I was somewhat like "oog. that person got to go to Africa and photograph an African Wild Dog. mlaah. unfair" but seeing that you acctually drew it is just amazing. The teeth and the jaw and the angle of the jaw and.. aah, everything is just so perfect! I love it so much. Did you use any reference pictures? (please tell me you did. If you did that off the top of your head, I really will kill myself. o___O) I'll be favouriting this now. Fantastic achievement.
nikkiburr Featured By Owner May 17, 2004
Hehe yeah I used a reference picture....if I could do that without reference I'd die of amazment. Mmm gotta love Corbis for its references ;)
Teloka Featured By Owner May 18, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
ah. I feel a little bit better now. I dwell at Corbis too, although I draw mostly at school or away from the computer, so I generally draw without reference. Maybe that'd be why most of my stuff doesn't look as accurate as yours. x)
nikkiburr Featured By Owner May 18, 2004
Yeah I draw a TON at school..its an excellent time to practice :D Usually when I do finished pictures I use a reference though sometimes I dont.
Teloka Featured By Owner May 18, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I mean, I know I shouldn't draw at school [or be on the interenet like I am at this point for that matter] but I do, all the time. Whenever my mother talks to any of my teachers at those.. parent teacher interviews they're always like "oh, she's ALWAYS drawing, but somehow she stills know's what we're talking about. it's so annoying -_- ^^" lmao. It is good practise though.
LoneWolf422 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2004
Wow, that must've been a lot of hard work. But it's a very beautiful piece. I've heard scratchboard is a pain to work with, never tried it myself though. Very pretty. The details are amazing, and the fur is so wonderfully done. Then again, I probably say that for every one of your pictures. Amazing work though.
nikkiburr Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2004
Thanks :) Yeah it took a while, especially cause I did it during an art class where I only got to work on it for an hour and a half a week. Scratchboard can be a pain but I love it :D
Paiden Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2004
HOORAY for African Wild Dogs! This is absolutely /beautiful/, I love it! And I love dem huntin' dogs. ;)
nikkiburr Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2004
Thanks :)
zebradog Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2004
Oh! Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful-- and that's helped by the fact that your subject is one of the most gorgeous animals out there. Definitely worth a fav! :D
nikkiburr Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2004
Thanks :) African Hunting Dogs are insanely cool but I dont think they get enough "publicity". They're so cute and spotty :D
Copper-Fox Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2004  Student
wow, I guess you really did have alot of time on your hands. It looks great though. That is alot of little lines.
nikkiburr Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2004
I did this in art class so I had plenty of time, and it's not a terribly large picture anyways :) Scratchboards are fun.
Kamilya Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2004
Wow, thats great!

mooserenegade Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2004
Wow is this the African Hunting dog one you told me you've been working on? It looks fabulous!!! Nice work!
sethule Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2004
Wow, time well spent if you ask me :-) This is beautifully crafted, and in scratchboard of all medias (me and scratchboard have not had a fun time together. I can't use it for beans). Do you think you would ever be selling this? My first thought upon seeing this was "jhfdjbfjdbj Wow, I want that hanging on my wall:{" But I can understand if you want your hard work to remain with you :}
finally!!! i was ther when u started it, and u just finished it! OMG! errrr! finally!!!!! :+fav with love:
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